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Season Awards

Competition Name

League Division 1

Churchill Arms 'A' (Paxford)
Fox Inn (Broadwell)

League Division 2

Norman Knight (Whichford)
Royal British Legion (Kingham)

League Division 3

Black Horse (Salford)
Churchill Arms 'B' (Paxford)

Highest Doll Scorer - Div 1

S.Arthurs (Fox Inn, Broadwell) (232)

Highest Doll Scorer - Div 2

S.Thornton (R.B.L. Kingham) (152)

Highest Doll Scorer - Div 3

M.Beauchamp (Coach & Horses) (102)

Division 1 & 2 K.O.Cup

Farriers Arms (Todenham)
Churchill Arms 'A' (Paxford)

Division 3 K.O.Cup

Red Lion 'B' (Illmington)
George (Brailes)

8-a-side Cup

Churchill Arms 'A' (Paxford)
Farriers Arms (Todenham)

4-a-side Cup

Churchill Arms 'A' - A (Paxford)
C.N.F.C. 'A'

Doubles Cup - Divisions 1 & 2

S.McAteer & T.Dyer (Churchill 'A')
D.Cave & K.Goodway (Fox, Broadwell)

Doubles Cup - Division 3

J.McAteer & I.McAteer (Churchill 'B')
I.Cook & D.Smith (Red Lion 'B')

Singles Cup - Divisions 1 & 2

Steve Arthurs (Fox Inn)
Darren Cave (Fox Inn)

Singles Cup - Division 3

D.Smith (Red Lion 'B')
M.Joynes (Coach & Horses, Bourton)

Ladies Singles Cup

P.Dyer (Churchill 'B')
R.Hopkins (Golden Ball 'A')

Mixed Doubles Cup

C.Winfield & W.Winfield (Farriers)
G.Barrett & J.Jordan (Churchill 'A')

Captains Cup

S.Arthurs (Fox Inn, Broadwell)
J.Pettipher (Coach & Horses, SoS)

Landlords Cup

D.Smart (C.N.F.C.)
M.East (Fox Inn, Broadwell)
Missing Record


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