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  1. The league shall be called “The Chipping Norton Invitation Aunt Sally League”

  2. ​​The league shall be governed by the following; Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and a committee of ordinary members. All to be elected by the A.G.M.

  3. The A.G.M. shall be held in the month of February each year. Rules can only be changed at this meeting or an extraordinary general meeting should one be called.

  4. The decision of the elected committee is final on all matters. There is no right of appeal against any committee decision.

  5. During committee meetings the chairman or acting chairman will not vote unless a casting vote is required.

  6. Entry to the league is by invitation only and on receipt of the appropriate registration fee.

  7. Entry to all competitions is separate and is dependant on payment of any relevant entry fee.

  8. All invited teams will receive a registration form. The number of invited teams is unlimited. Top divisions will be based on previous performance. Lower divisions on geographical considerations.

  9. League matches will take place on THURSDAY nights; competitions will be mainly played on MONDAY nights.

  10. Cancellations will only be allowed due to severe weather in league matches but not in any circumstances in competitions. Both teams must arrive at the venue and the two captains must make a mutual decision to call the game off. Any matches cancelled due to weather must be replayed within 14 days on a mutually convenient date. In the event of player shortage due to holidays the match maybe re-arranged providing that it is played prior to its originally scheduled date. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the non-offending team being awarded maximum points. THIS RULE WILL BE ENFORCED.

  11. Any team cancelling a match other than in circumstances outlined in rule 10 will forfeit the match and maximum points immediately. If the match is cancelled at less than 24 hours’ notice by the away team then they will pay £30.00 in compensation to the home team's venue / landlord for costs incurred for providing food etc for that evenings match. Failure to pay the compensation will result in further fines or expulsion from the league.

  12. If any team needs to cancel a scheduled match they must email the secretary immediately. The captain will then contact the other team to make the necessary arrangements.

  13. Any team failing to fulfil two (2) consecutive fixtures will be expelled from the league.

  14. Match results are to be sent in by the Home captain on the downloaded cards . They must be received by the Saturday following the match. Late results will mean maximum points being awarded to the opposing team. Competition results to be notified as per instructions received on the relevant competition notification.

  15. Each match will consist of three (3) legs, each leg worth two (2) points. In the event of a drawn leg each team will receive one (1) point.

  16. The Bonus point system will be decided by the commitee based on the number of league teams entering the league annually. 1 additional point will be rewarded to teams who score a pre-determined number of dolls per leg for each leg played in the league matches. Details of the bonus point system will be displayed on the league table page of the website for each individual season.

  17. In Knock Out competitions, drawn legs will be played to a finish i.e. (3 sticks, 1 stick and then back to 6 sticks if necessary).

  18. All matches are to start at 8:30pm unless otherwise notified. If one team is not ready to start 15 minutes after the scheduled start time they will forfeit the match and maximum points will be awarded to the opposing team.

  19. Each thrower will throw six (6) sticks in each leg unless specified previously. No more than the number of sticks to be thrown may be held by the thrower. All sticks to be thrown underarm.

  20. The captains will toss a coin for the first leg. The winning captain will decide whether to throw first or second. The losing captain will then decide whether to go first or second in the second leg. The third leg will be tossed for again by the captains. This rule will apply to all competitions.

  21. All league matches will be played 7-A-Side. Competitions as specified. All players must be registered with the league.

  22. The umpire will be a member of the non-throwing team. The throwing team will pick-up for each other. The umpire is to call each "Doll" as it is scored, failure to do so will result in the umpire being excluded from calling for the rest of the season.

  23. All the throws in the league are required to have an "ochee" which will be two (2) inches high across the throwing line. All players must throw from behind the ochee at all times and must not stand on or over the front of the ochee to throw. The length of the throw will be exactly thirty (30) feet from the doll stand (iron) to the back of the throwing ochee. The doll will be five (5) inches high and three and a quarter (3 1/4) inches in diameter. It shall stand on a horizontal swivel six (6) inches out from the iron, the swivel will be able to turn through a full 360 degrees. The base of the doll will be two (2) feet six (6) inches from a level ground. Sticks are to measure eighteen (18) inches in length and two (2) inches in diameter. Dolls must be white and freshly painted if required before all matches.

  24. The entire throwing area must be well lit with suitable lighting. This is to include the area from which a player throws from and also the doll and backsheet area. All throws will be inspected during the season. Any throw not up to standard must be improved within 14 days or the offending team(s) will be expelled from the league. The entire throwing area also includes the scoreboard and immediate surrounding area where the pitch is located.

  25. Any team fielding an unregistered player will forfeit the match and be fined at the committee discretion.

  26. All cup competitions will be played on specified dates, unless both competing teams agree to play on an earlier date. Failure to do so will result in the match being awarded to the non-offending team.

  27. League games and cup competitions must be played separately. If for any reason a cup competition game must be combined with a league game on the same night then the two team captains must first approach the secretary for permission, secondly once a date has been agreed the cup competition must take place in its entirety prior to the league game commencing. Therefore, keeping the two results separate.

  28. All players wishing to enter into cup competitions must do so with the knowledge that they can attend all rounds of the competition, including the semi-finals and the finals. If for any reason a player/s cannot attend a cup competition which they have entered into, then they will forfeit the tie and the match will be awarded to the opposing player/s based on the draw.

  29. Registration of individual players will be accepted until the end of July providing, they are made in writing to the secretary.

  30. Transfers are not allowed unless the player in question has not played for his/her original team. Applications must be made in writing to the secretary.

  31. Team captains are responsible for the conduct of their team at all times.

  32. Promotion and relegation will mostly depend on the number of dolls scored per match in the previous season. Geographical considerations will also apply.

  33. If at the end of the season two or more teams are equal on points, league placing will be decided on dolls scored.

  34. All matters of dispute to be reported to the secretary within 72 hours of the incident. Late reports will not be accepted.

  35. Any team or individual breaking these rules will be fined at the discretion of the committee and will be suspended until the fine is paid in full.

  36. Any matters not covered by these rules will be dealt with at the committee's discretion. See rule 4.

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