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Season Awards

League Table

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Top Dolls

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Competition Name

League Division 1 (A)

Fox Inn (Broadwell)
Hook Norton Social Club

League Division 1 (B)

Chipping Norton Cricket Club
Farriers Arms (Todenham)

League Division 2

Golden Ball (Lower Swell)
Milton Social Club

Highest League Leg Score

30 - Fox Inn (Broadwell) & Hook Norton S.C.

Division 1 Highest Dolls

Steve England (H.N.S.C.) (220)
Steve Arthurs (H.N.S.C.) (218)

Division 2 Highest Dolls

Budd Wright (White Bear) (111)
Mick Beauchamp (C&H) (99)

Highest No. of Sixes

6 - Steve Arthurs (H.N.S.C.)
5 - Steve England (H.N.S.C.)

Mincer Handicap Cup

Red Lion 'A' (Chipping Norton)
Farriers Arms (Todenham)

8-a-side Cup

Hook Norton Social Club
Chipping Norton Cricket Club

4-a-side Cup

Fox Inn - A (Broadwell)
Hook Norton Social Club

Doubles Cup

Trevor Dyer & Steve McAteer
Fred Moreton & Mick Richardson

Singles Cup

Steve Arthurs (Hook Norton)
Rob Bradford (C.N.C.C.)

Under 25s Singles Cup

Leanne Stansfield (Farriers Arms)
Alex Stringer (Kingham Legion)

Ladies Singles Cup

Janet Jordan (Fox Inn)
Janet Jordan (Fox Inn)

Mixed Doubles Cup

Janet Jordan & Graham Barrett
Sally Barrett & Steve McAteer

A.Terry Captains Cup

Trevor Dyer (Fox Inn)
Barry Souch (Hook Norton S.C.)
Missing Record


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