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Season Awards

League Table

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Top Dolls

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Competition Name

League Division 1 (A)

Fox Inn 'B' (Broadwell)
Hook Norton Social Club 'A'

League Division 1 (B)

Red Lion 'A' (Chipping Norton)
Chipping Norton Cricket Club

League Division 2

The George (Brailes)
Red Lion 'B' (Chipping Norton)

Highest League Leg Score

31 - Hook Norton Social Club 'A'

Division 1 Highest Dolls

S.Arthurs (H.N.S.C. 'A') (222)
R.Bradford (C.N.C.C.) (210)

Division 2 Highest Dolls

R.Tustain (George) (127)
P.Swingle (Red Lion 'B') (119)

Highest No. of Sixes

5 - R.Bradford (C.N.C.C.)
3 - S.McAteer (Fox 'B'), S.Arthurs (H.N.S.C. 'A'), S.England (H.N.S.C. 'A')

Mincer Handicap Cup

White Bear (Shipston)
Red Lion 'A' (Ilmington)

8-a-side Cup

Hook Norton Social Club 'A'
Red Lion 'A' (Chipping Norton)

4-a-side Cup

Hook Norton Social Club 'A'
Chipping Norton Cricket Club

Doubles Cup

Steve Arthurs & Steve England
Steve McAteer & Trevor Dyer

Singles Cup

Steve McAteer (Fox Inn 'B')
Jason Adams (Red Lion 'A')

Ladies Singles Cup

Leanne Stansfield (Farriers Arms)
Pam Dyer (Fox Inn 'B')

Mixed Doubles Cup

S.Barrett & S.McAteer
L.Stansfield & D.Knight

A.Terry Captains Cup

Darren Cave (Hook Norton S.C 'A')
Mick Cornock (White Bear)
Missing Record


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