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Competition Name

League Division 1

Churchill Arms (Paxford)
Fox Inn 'A' (Broadwell)

League Division 2

Coach & Horses (Shipston)

League Division 3

College Arms (Lower Quinton)
Red Lion 'B' (Chipping Norton)

League Highest Dolls

S.McAteer (Churchill Arms) (212)
S.England (Fox 'A', Broadwell) (209)

8-a-side Cup

Fox Inn 'A' (Broadwell)
Stow British Legion

4-a-side Cup

Churchill Arms (Paxford)

Doubles Cup

T.Dyer & S.McAteer (Churchill Arms)

Singles Cup

S.McAteer (Churchill Arms)

Ladies Singles Cup

Penny Whitesmith

Mixed Doubles Cup

L.Stansfield & A.Cornish

A.Terry Captains Cup

T.Dyer (Churchill Arms)
Missing Record
Handicap Cup
W + R/U
4-a-side Cup
Doubles Cup
Singles Cup
Ladies Singles Cup
Mixed Doubles Cup
A.Terry Captains Cup



The 2010 season kicks of with a solid 3-0 win for last seasons division 1 'A' champions The Churchill Arms (Paxford). Churchill opened this seasons campaign away to division one new comers The Norman Knight (Whichford).

Churchill took the first leg 22,9 and the second leg 28,7 and completed their great start by winning the last leg 23,13. Steve McAteer (Churchill) topped the doll scoring with 13 dolls. But the star player of the match was Pete Hill (Churchill), who scored double figures (10 dolls).

Tim Adams & Phil Slatter both scored 7 dolls for the Norman Knight who found Paxford too hot to handle.

The Fox Inn 'A' (Broadwell) also started with a 3-0 win over the Golden Ball 'A' (Lower Swell). Steve England and Steve Arthurs top scoring for the Fox with 13 dolls each with the "Legend" getting a maximum 6 in the last leg. The new captain for the Fox Inn 'A' Darren Kettle also got his season of to a good start with 12 dolls. The Golden Ball put in a steady performance with good scores from Rob Joynes and captain Tony Hopkins.

There were also wins for The Farriers Arms, Red Lion 'A' & R.B.Legion (Stow).

In Division 2 it was a solid start for The Horseshoe 'B' (Shipston) & Cherington Arms 'A'.


Chipping Norton Football Club lead Division 2 after two games without dropping a point. The team won there first game 3-0 at home against newcomers the Fox & Goose (Armscote) and followed up their good start with another 3-0 victory away at Milton Social Club winning the first two legs 9,15 and 6,14 also taking the last leg 9,16. This puts CNFC top of the league on 12 points going into tonights games.

Chasing CNFC are the Horseshoe 'B' (Shipston) who won 2-1 at home against Cherington Arms 'B' with leg scores of 12,6 and 13,10 to take the first two legs but lost the last leg 8,12.

Division 1 provided a good 2-1 away win for the Golden Ball 'A' (Lower Swell) against the Royal British Legion (Stow). The Tollgate (Kingham) managed to take 2 points away at last years champions the Churchill Arms (Paxford). Churchill won the first leg 20,10 but then lost the second 15,17 the last leg was won by the Paxford side 14,13. Steve McAteer  (Churchill) was top scorer with 14 dolls including a six. There was also a six for Richard Rouse (Churchll).

The Fox Inn 'A' (Broadwell) top the Division 1A table with a 3-0 victory over the Red Lion 'B' (ilmington) the Fox won all three legs with scores of 21,11 21,11 & 22,15. Darren Kettle was top doll scorer with 14 dolls including six in the last leg.


The Fox Inn 'A' continue to lead Division 1A with a perfect start to the season. The Fox won there first two league games 3-0 and followed that up in week 3 when playing away at the Tollgate in Kingham. The Fox took the first leg 14-18 and followed that by winning the second 11-22, the last leg was won by the Fox 17-21. Top doll scorer was the Fox's captain Darren Kettle who scored 12 dolls and leads the top doll scorers with 38 dolls from 3 league games.

Steve England (Fox) scored 10 including a maximum 6.

Churchill Arms (Paxford) keep up the pressure on the Fox with a good 3-0 victory over the Red Lion 'B' (ilmington). Nigel Tustain & Richard Rouse top score with 12 dolls each.

Golden Ball 'A' secured all the points against Norman Knight leaving the side from Whichford with only one leg win from the first three games, better to follow from them during the season.

In Division 2 the top game was Chipping Norton FC versus Horseshoe 'B' (Shipston).

The two teams ended the first leg with a draw 12-12 followed by a similar result in the second leg 13-13. CNFC then managed to overcome the Horseshoe by winning the last leg 19-16.

In Division 3, There were good wins for the College Arms (Lower Quinton) & Red Horse (Shipton und Wych).


Division 1A side the Churchill Arms (Paxford) play host to the league leaders the Fox Inn 'A' (Broadwell) this game could have a bearing on who takes the league title at the end of the season. The Fox win the toss and choose to set in the first leg setting a respectable 20 dolls. Up steps Churchill's lead off man Steve McAteer who scores 6 dolls as clean as you like followed by the rest of the team they total 25 and take the first leg.

Churchill captain Trevor Dyer then decided to set in the second leg which saw Steve McAteer step up and score his second 6 dolls of the night to start their team on the way to a total of 28. In reply the Fox could only manage 19 dolls which included two 5's from Steve Arthurs and Steve England who would both go on to total 13 dolls each in the game.

The Fox win the toss in the last leg and set a total of 23. Everyone watches Steve McAteer as he steps up to the ochee to throw his last six sticks. He hits his first three and the forth and the fifth, sadly his last stick falls just short and hits the iron. He ends with 5 and a warm round of applause for a stunning effort. 6,6,5 in the game and to prove there was no fluke he went on to hit another 6 dolls in the beer leg.

Churchill Arms win the game 2-1 and go top of Division 1A level on points with the Fox.


Doll festival in Division One as the top two stretch their muscle. The league leaders Churchill Arms (Paxford) totalled 82 dolls during their game away against Red Lion (Little Compton). The side from Paxford won the first leg 13-29 which included a maximum six from lead-off man Steve McAteer. Mike Hurst of the Red Lion scored 5 of their 13 doll total in that leg. Churchill go on to win the second leg 19-26 and complete a 3-0 victory by winning the last leg 14-27. Nigel Tustain finished top scorer with 16 dolls including a 6 in the last leg. Other players scores were as follows; S.McAteer 14 dolls, R.Rouse 14 dolls, A.Wallington 13 dolls.

Meanwhile the Fox Inn 'A' (Broadwell) were putting in their own doll tally, scoring 76 dolls against Red Lion 'A' (ilmington). This included a 30 doll leg, the highest leg score so far this season. The Fox won the game 3-0 with leg scores of  20-12, 30-16 & 26-18.

Top doll scorer in the game was Steve England who scored 5,6,4 to total 15 and followed that up with a 6 in the beer leg. D.Kettle 13 dolls, K.Goodway 13 dolls also pushed the scores up.

In Division Two, Chipping Norton FC are top of the table following a 3-0 win over the Fox Inn 'B' (Broadwell). Horseshoe 'B' slip up at home to Cherington Arms 'A' as the away side take all three legs and leave the home team with their second defeat of the season.


Division 1A side the Farriers Arms (Todenham) make life tough for visitors the Fox Inn 'A'. The game saw the Fox set in the first leg, they only manage a low score of 18 dolls. The Farriers who are unbeaten in their first five games take the opportunity to snatch the first leg after scoring 21. Farriers go on to set 20 dolls in the second leg but the Fox step up a gear and win the leg with a score of 27. The Fox go on to win the game 2-1 with a 28-20 victory in the last leg. Steve Arthurs was top doll scorer for the Fox with 13 dolls, there were also double figure scores for the Farriers players; Colin Winfield, Martin Hill, R.Painting.

Churchill Arms maintain there lead at the top of Division one with a 3-0 victory away at Red Lion 'A' (ilmington). Churchill took all three legs 21-25, 15-27 & 12-29. Steve McAteer continues his impressive doll scoring with 13 dolls including his fifth maximum 6 of the season. Captain Trevor Dyer also scored well with a total of 12 dolls. M.Smith was top scorer for the Lion with 10 dolls.

In Divison 2, Chipping Norton FC remain top after another 3-0 win at home to the Coach & Horses, the Chippy side won all three legs with scores of 17-12, 25-17 & 21-7. There was a maximum 6 dolls for CNFC's F.Moreton which is the first maximum in Division 2.


Saw a clash between two of the Division One - Section A sides. Churchill Arms (Paxford) and Farriers Arms (Todenham) played last Thursday 10th June at Paxford. The home side took the lead after a first leg score of 24-22. Paxford reached 24 with the help of Nigel Tustain who got of to a great start with a maximum six. Churchill begin to fire and win the second leg 26-17. Farriers struggle to match the previous weeks good scoring however Harry Cornish manages to score 11 dolls for them in the match. Churchill get ever closer to scoring 30 dolls in the last leg but end with 29, which is to strong for the Farriers who finish with 13 in the final leg. John McAteer oldest son of Steve McAteer finishes the game as top doll scorer after getting 3.5.5. and helps Paxford win the game 3-0.

In Division Two - Milton Social Club play host to Royal British Legion (Kingham), the first leg goes the way of the home side with a leg score of 12-11. The second leg results in a draw after both sides score 11 dolls each. The home side win the game and secure 5 points by taking the last leg 16-15 in a close contest.

In Division Three - There was a good result for the Red Horse (Shipton under Wychford) who took all 6 points away at the Bird in Hand (Newbold) with leg scores of 6-11, 5-10 & 5-10.


Farriers Arms (Todenham) remain in third position in Division One after beating Tollgate (Kingham) 3-0. Farriers took all three legs 23-11, 19-9, 18-12. Joint top scorers for the game were captain Colin Winfield & John Trice-Rolph who both scored 10 dolls.

Division one leaders Churchill Arms continue to look impressive in the league after beating Golden Ball 'A' by scoring 18-14, 25-16 & 25-16. Richard Rouse finished top doll scorer in the game after getting 12 dolls.

Also in Division One Royal British Legion (Stow) began there game away against Fox Inn 'A' (Broadwell) very well by drawing the first leg 20-20 however Fox thought back by winning the next two legs 28-20 & 22-20. Charlie Smith scored well for the side from Stow after getting 11 dolls. Joint top scorers in the game were the Fox Inn's pair Steve England & Darren Kettle who both finished with 12 dolls.

Division Two: CNFC are sailing away at the top of div 2 after winning 2-1 against Royal British Legion (Kingham) with scores of 13-19, 10-21 & 17-9. Cherington Arms 'A' drop points away to Coach & Horses (Shipston). The Coach take the first two legs with scores of 18-14 & 16-14, The last leg going to Cherington 13-14.

Divison Three: Red Horse (Shipton under Wych) are top after winning their game against Fox Hotel (C/Norton) with scores of 16-12, 8-8, 16-7. The Horse are awarded with 5 solid points.


Tustain turns on the style for the Division One leaders Churchill Arms (Paxford).

Nigel Tustain shown on the right in the picture above, top scored for Churchill against R.B.Legion (Stow) after he scored 4,6,5 totalling 15 dolls in the match. Churchill went on to win the game 3-0 after legs scores of 17-20, 11-30, 8-27. The second leg of 30 dolls matches that scored by the Fox Inn 'A' earlier on in the season. However this is likely to be bettered before the end of this summer league season the way the side from Paxford are playing.

Also in Division One the Fox Inn 'A' (Broadwell) also won 3-0, Acting captain Steve England led the side to the victory following the absence of the regular captain, Chris Kemp finished top doll scorer with 12 dolls. Five other players from the Fox Inn's side also scored double figures during the match.

In Division Two there was a top of the table clash between the top two teams Chipping Norton Football Club played at home against Cherington Arms 'A'. CNFC took the first leg 20-13 and then followed this good start by winning the second leg 23-11. The football club completed the 3-0 victory by winning the last leg 16-13. This now takes the chippy side to what looks like an un-beatable lead in Division Two at only the half way point. Helped along by the good scoring of Andy Watson and the other team members.

Surely the division two title will be going to CNFC this year.


Norman Knight (Whichford) took on the Division One leaders Churchill Arms (Paxford) away. The side from Whichford struggle to get a full team of eight players when playing away games and this was the case again when they played with only seven.

However they started well after captain Tim Adams scored his first maximum six in a league match ever, during the first leg. Churchill Arms won the first leg 26-16 and won the second leg 22-15. The home team competed the win by taking the third leg 26-12. Top scorer in the match was Richard Rouse (Churchill) who totalled 14 dolls including max 6. Tim Adams and Phil Slatter both scored 13 dolls for Norman Knight.

The game between Fox Inn 'A' and Golden Ball 'A' was postponed until a later date due to holidays in the Golden Balls team. The Farriers Arms drew at home in a tight match against Red Lion (Little Compton) after legs scores of 20-11, 13-16 & 17-17 in the last leg.

Red Lion 'A' (ilmington) took the win and all six points against there B team with leg scores of 14-12, 17-12, 13-9.

Division Two saw Cherington Arms 'A' take on Cherington Arms 'B' with the A side coming out on top with six points to boot. 12-11, 13-9 & 15-10 was enough to claim the win.

Division Three: was also A team versus B team for the Red Lion Chipping Norton this time the B team take the win 2-1 with leg scores of 11-13, 11-9 & 10-11


The Farriers Arms of Division One, Section A get beaten away by Section B side Norman Knight (Whichford). The Knight won the first leg 16-9 and took the second leg 15-13 with the Farriers coming back to take the last leg 10-15. The Churchill Arms and the Fox Inn 'A' both take all six point away at their opponents. Churchill beat the Tollgate with scores of 14-22, 15,21 & 17-25. The Fox Inn 'A' win was at the Red Lion 'B' (ilmington) with leg scores of 16-20, 17-23 & 8-14. The Fox being let of in the last leg after setting 14 dolls.

In Division Two the leaders Chipping Norton Football Club played at home against Milton Social Club. Milton took the lead by winning the first leg 6-7, however the Football Club thought back and won the second leg 8-6 to take the match into the final leg. Milton came out on top after inning the last leg 8-11. CNFC poor scoring cost them dearly in this match but they still lead the division.

In Division Three there were good wins for the Blackhorse, Peacock, Fox Hotel & the College Arms.


Golden Ball 'A' (Lower Swell) move into top spot on doll difference in Division One -Section B after a tough draw away at Norman Knight (Whichford). Golden Ball won the first leg 18-14 but lost the second leg 13-14. In the third leg the two sides settled for three points each after scoring 14-14. Golden Ball are now level on points but 30 dolls ahead of the Red Lion 'A' (ilmington) who were beaten 3-0 away at the Farriers Arms (Todenham). Farriers won the match after scores of 20-17, 11-8 and 17-12.

The Royal British Legion (Stow) are just behind these two teams in Div 1B on 30 points after playing out there own draw against the Red Lion (Little Compton). The two teams notch up 3 points each after scoring 14-17, 14-13 & 11-11.

In Division Two - It seems that nobody will catch the leaders Chipping Norton FC after they won again, this time beating Horseshoe 'B' away. Horseshoe won the first leg 12-8 but the leaders came back well by taking the next two legs with scores of 14-16 & 16-24.

Its close for second place in Division 2 with three sides all on 46 points. Coach & Horses, Cherington Arms 'A' and Horseshoe 'B', However the Coach & Horses result is yet to come in for last week, so they are likely to push ahead of the other two teams.

The Red Horse (Shipton under Wychwood) currently lead Division 3 but many results are still outstanding this is due to games not being played or cards not being sent in.


An epic battle was played out last Thursday 29th July at the Fox Inn (Broadwell) when the top two teams in Division One, Section A faced each other in what could of turned out to be the league decider. The Fox Inn 'A' side took on league leaders Churchill Arms (Paxford).

The Fox 'A's captain Darren Kettle won the toss and choose to set in the first leg, the team finish with 28 dolls, including two sixes from Steve Arthurs and Steve England.

Paxford chased in vain and finished with a score of 21 in the first leg. Churchill captain Trevor Dyer decides to set in the second leg and this proved positive as his side win the second leg 28-24.

The third leg is tossed up and Trevor wins the toss, he decides to set again and his team post a good score of 26. The Fox start the chase with two 4's followed by another maximum six from Steve Arthurs and another 4 from Graham Williams giving them 18 dolls from the first four players and leaving 9 dolls to win the match from the remaining four players.

Steve England finishes the final leg with 3 dolls for the Fox. This is enough to take the leg with a final score of 29 dolls. The Fox Inn 'A' win the game 2-1 and close the gap at the top of the table to just one point. Steve Arthurs (fox) finishes the match on 17 dolls (6,5,6). Steve England (fox) scores 13 dolls, Graham Williams (fox) scores 12 dolls along with Andy Wallington (churchill) who also scores 12 dolls for the side from Paxford.


Chipping Norton Football Club's visit to the Fox Inn 'B' (Broadwell) proved to be a tricky contest after the two side battled out a draw in the opening leg both sides ending with 19-19. The football club then showed their dominance of Division Two by winning the second leg 12-25. The third and final leg was to finish in the second draw of the match with both sides getting 20-20 each. Four points for the football club on the night and with a comfortable lead they look set to take the title before the league games have ended.

In Division Three the College Arms played host to the Blackhorse, with the home side coming out on top and securing all six points after winning the first leg 11-6 and the second leg 13-4. The side from Lower Quinton went on to win the last leg 9-5. Also in Division Three the Bird in Hand (Newbold) played at home against Peacock (Oxhill). The home side win the first leg 8-2 and then they win the second leg 9-8. The Bird in Hand have struggled throughout the season to maintain a team and stay in the league but they have proved it can be done. They win the last leg 6-5 and complete a 3-0 win to take all six points.

In Division One the Churchill Arms maintained there one point advantage at the top by winning 3-0 at home against Red Lion (Little Compton), however the away side came close to taking some points in the second leg. Match scores 24-14, 22-21, & 19-14. Steve McAteer top scored with 12 dolls. The Fox Inn 'A'  won 3-0 at Red Lion 'B'  Steve England top scored with 13 dolls.


The british summer weather makes conditions difficult for everyone who plays aunt sally, this thursday was no acception with pouring rain again, However rain didn't stop play.

In Division One - Section A, The Fox Inn 'A' took on the Farriers Arms at Broadwell. The home team won the first leg 20-16, the second leg was also won by the Fox 17-12. The Fox then went on to win the last leg 23-11 to take all six points and keep up their pressure on the league leaders. Steve England finished top doll scorer with 11 dolls on the night.

The leaders Churchill Arms where at home against the Red Lion 'A' (ilmington). They proved why they are the best team in the league by winning 3-0 with scores of 22-8, 23-16, 23-13 on a rain soaked night. They retain there lead at the top of division one by one point from the Fox. Steve McAteer was top doll scorer with 12 dolls, he leads Steve England by 2 dolls in this season top doll scoring table.

Division Two - The main game this week was the Coach & Horses at home against the run away leaders Chipping Norton FC. Things didnt go smoothly for the division two leaders when they lost the first leg 14-8, this was followed by the Coach taking the second leg 13-12. The football club won the last leg 10-16 but were beaten on the night 2-1. This loss will not stop them winning the division two title due to their massive lead.

In Division Three - College Arms won 5-1 at home against the Fox Hotel and the Red Lion 'B' (Chipping Norton won 6-0 at home against the Blackhorse (Shipston).


In Division One - Section A, The league leaders Churchill Arms had to play away at the Farriers Arms (Todenham). On yet another rain soaked night the two teams managed to play out the game with Churchill coming out on top. The first leg was won by Churchill with the leg scores 21-28. The second leg caused all sorts of problems for the away side after the two sides drew the leg 14-14. The Churchill Arms won the last leg 17-26 and the game taking 5 points out of 6. The wet conditions affected the lights at the venue, which kept going out.

Nigel Tustain finished top doll scorer with a brilliant 14 dolls, Steve McAteer also got 13 dolls.

Also in Division One - Section A, the Fox Inn 'A' currently second in the league and just one point behind the leaders were having there own troubles away at Norman Knight (Whichford).

The Fox playing with seven players set only 10 dolls in the first leg but luck was on there side when the home team only managed 8 dolls. The Fox took the second leg 13-19 and were chasing 13 dolls in the last leg, they only managed to match the 13 dolls and the leg was drawn. Five points to the Fox which leaves them one point behind with two games left to play.

In Division Two - Cherington Arms 'A' took all six points at home against the Fox & Goose. Cherington won the game with leg scores of 12-11, 18-8 and 19-9. Very good in the rain.

The Coach & Horses also won at home after winning two legs and drawing the third against Horseshoe 'B' with legs scores of 11-10, 12-8 & 11-11.


In Division One - Section A, The "Legend" Steve Arthurs played only his seventh league game of the season for the title chasing Fox Inn 'A'. The Fox were away at the Royal British Legion (Stow) and they started well by winning the first leg 11-22. This was followed by the second leg when the Fox set 27 dolls and won the leg 20-27. The final leg was also won by the away side 15-23, Steve Arthurs finished top doll scorer after getting 16 dolls including two maximum sixes (6,4,6). There were also maximum sixes for Steve England (Fox) and Lee Abbott (Stow).

Meanwhile the leaders Churchill Arms remain one point clear of the Fox after winning all three legs away against Golden Ball 'A'. They secured victory with very good leg scores of 18-27, 14-26, and 15-28. Although there were no fives or sixes on the Churchills score card, everyone got plenty of three's and four's. John McAteer & Graham Barrett both scored 12 dolls each.

With only one league game left to play the Churchill Arms need 5 or more points to secure the Division One - Section A title. However if they lose a leg they open the door wide to the Fox.

In Division Two - Chipping Norton Football Club beat the Royal British Legion (Kingham) and secure the Division Two title with one game left to play. CNFC won the first leg 16-13 and then went on to take the next two legs with scores of 19-16 and 19-9.

Congratulations to all the team from Chipping Norton Football Club for winning this years - Division Two. They will go up to Divison One next year and try to win section B.


The last league game for the 2010 season and the Division One - Section A title was still to be decided between the Churchill Arms (Paxford) & the Fox Inn 'A' (Broadwell).

Churchill Arms were at home against the Royal British Legion (Stow) while the Fox 'A' were away at the Red Lion (Little Compton). The Fox were one point behind Churchill going into the last game of the season and needed to win all three legs and hope that the Legion could win one leg over at Paxford. The Fox won the first leg 15-21 and also the second leg 12-25 they completed their task by winning the last leg 18-21 and securing all six points. Fox captain Darren Kettle and Steve Arthurs finish top doll scorers with 13 dolls each. Steve England scored his fifth maximum six of the season and finished with 12 dolls. Now it was a waiting game to see what was happening at Paxford.

Churchill Arms were on fire winning the first leg 28-13 and securing the second leg 28-15. It looked all done and dusted going into the last leg. The team from Paxford set in the third leg but only managed a total of 19 dolls. Legion captain Charlie Smith started their third leg with a Four, he finished top scorer on the night with 13 dolls. However the rest of the team only managed to add 9 dolls to his earlier 4 and they finish with 13 dolls, Meaning the Churchill Arms win the leg and take all six points and the Division One - Section A 2010 League Title.

Steve McAteer (Churchill) scored 11 dolls and finished top doll scorer this year with a totle of 212 dolls from 18 games. Steve England (Fox) finished second with 209 dolls from 18 games

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