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Season Awards

League Table

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Top Dolls

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Competition Name

League Division 1 (A)

Hook Norton S.C. 'A'
Fox 'B' (Broadwell)

League Division 1 (B)

Farriers Arms (Todenham)

League Division 2

Hook Norton S.C. 'B'
Kingham R.B.L.

League Division 3

Fox 'A' (Broadwell)
Red Lion 'B' (Chipping Norton)

Division 1 Highest Dolls

S.England (Hooky S.C. 'A') (147 Dolls)
S.McAteer (Fox 'B') (131 Dolls)

Division 2 Highest Dolls

K.Harding (Kingham R.B.L.) (97 Dolls)
K.Jennings (R.B.L. Stow) (93 Dolls)

Division 3 Highest Dolls

G.McPilimpy (Fox 'A') (75)
I.Cook (College Arms) (70)

Mincer Handicap Cup

Red Lion (Ilmington)
White Bear 'A' (Shipston)

8-a-side Cup

Hook Norton S.C. 'A'
George (Brailes)

4-a-side Cup

Fox 'B' - A (Broadwell)
Hook Norton S.C. 'A' - A

Doubles Cup

J.McAteer & A.Wallington (Fox 'B')
D.Cave & K.Hawtin (Hooky S.C. 'A')

Singles Cup

Steve McAteer (Fox 'B')
Nigel Tustain (George, Brailes)

Ladies Singles Cup

J.Jordan (Fox 'B')
P.Whitesmith (George, Brailes)

A.Terry Captains Cup

K.Hawtin (Hook Norton S.C. 'A')
C.Smith (Stow R.B.L.)
Missing Record
Mixed Doubles
W + R/U


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